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Casey Cangelosi

What a line-up! The Opus One series is packed with versatility, color, taste, and personality. It’s great to see a series aimed to put the basics at their best: easy command of tuning and timbral control; simple construction and design; good sounding pitch at all tunings with beautiful tone; a refreshing beautiful look.


The Opus One series from Majestic is exactly what the percussion community has been waiting for! Simple, elegant, and unique. The wide spectrum of sounds guarantees to fulfill anyone’s musical needs.

Christopher Lamb

The Opus One concert snare drum series by Majestic will reach every musical itch any percussionist could have. The momentum and fresh thinking that is embedded in the development of these instruments should lift the snare drumming community out of its present rut.

Andres Pichardo-Rosenthal

The Opus One snare drums have an incredible richness and depth to their sound while also having the ability to cut through the texture of an orchestra. Each model offers a unique tone and color that can help draw the appropriate character out of a piece. We are incredibly delighted to have the Opus One drums in our snare drum inventory!

Doug Bush

The 14″ x 4″ brass Opus One snare has become my main instrument of choice. It’s beautiful construction, unparalleled sensitivity, and evenness of articulation at all dynamics allows me to perform modern repertoire without having to sacrifice warmth for clarity.

Joshua Vonderheide

From the very first notes on my Opus One 4″ X 14″ Brass drum, I knew I had found my go-to Delecluse and solo drum. Clear, resonant, and responsive at all dynamic levels, this drum allows me to express the most amount of information possible to the listener. It’s the type of instrument that perks ears and turns heads.