Harkening the famed “sewer pipe” drums coveted by top orchestral players, this concept has been modernized to offer range and projection suitable for the most dynamically demanding musical passages. Pairing the formidable 6.35mm Seamless Cast Iron Shell with die-cast hoops,this instrument yields unparalleled focus, extreme sensitivity, and undeniably unique tone.

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  • Size: 14"x7"
  • Shell: Cast Iron (6.35mm)
  • Bearing Edge: Rounded (top) ; Inner Sharp 45°(bottom)
  • Finish: Antique Nickel Brushed
  • Hoop: Die Cast (Zinc)
  • Lug: Chrome I Lug
  • Strainer: OP-01
  • Snare Cables: CS16-14, Coated(16) 0.85mm cables
  • Heads Batter: Remo Ambassador Coated
  • Snare: Remo Diplomat Hazy Snare side
  • Drumdial™ Suggestion: Top: sharper A, dial 90; Bot.: dial 78
  • Frequency Modifier: PFM1470

Feature & Benefits

  • The OP-01 Strainer

    The smooth and silent OP-01 strainer is a simple and classic functional design featuring a laser-engraved knurled vertical fine tuner adjustment.

  • I Lugs

    To achieve a classic and elegant look as well as maximum shell resonance, the Opus One series drums feature the chrome plated "I" lug.

  • Hybrid Snares

    Each model features its own unique set of hybrid or single-type snare cables in order to maximize the sensitivity of the instrument with which they are paired.

  • Integrated Bridge

    The integrated bridge sets the optimal angle allowing the snare cables to establish a true and consistent point of contact with the resonate side head. The result is extreme responsiveness at all dynamic levels and playing areas of the drum.

  • Head Selection and Drumdial™ Optimization

    Each model comes with specific head combinations and specific Drumdial tuning suggestions through extensive testing and collaboration with world renowned artists.